Georg JensenCurve large Bangle Silver

8.500 DKK


The Curve Large Bangle is a fashionable piece designed by Regitze Overgaard for the Georg Jensen Curve Collection. It comes in two sizes: Small and Medium, with 188.4mm and 197.8mm circumference, respectively. The bangle is crafted from sterling silver and is 61.1mm wide.

  • Sterling Silver bangle
  • Width: 61.1mm
  • Size: Large (C: 165mm)
  • Colour: Silver

What's the story

Regitze is the designer behind the iconic Curve Collection at Georg Jensen. Her bold and sculptural designs capture the beauty of this jewellery piece, sculpted in sterling silver. The Curve Large Bangle is a bold, striking piece with a width of 61.1mm, which makes it a stunning stand-alone adornment on your wrist. Defined lines and perfect contours are the hallmark of this stately piece of jewellery. Regitze has skillfully used her immaculate sense of proportion to model this beautiful organic shape. The expert artisanship and intricate design of the piece are crafted to suit the trendy young woman of today.

What's great about it

When paired with the right combination of accessories and outfit, the Curve Large Bangle can make a strong fashion statement. The smooth, polished curves of the bangle are modelled to hug the wrist and are wrapped snugly around it, making for a unique, eye-catching piece. Silver accessories have become very popular amongst this generation, and this piece would be the ideal gift for the trendy young woman.

How to wear it

Flaunt this piece with a knee-length flared jumpsuit, a summer dress, or a formal collared shirt and skirt. The bangle is chic and classy and needs no accompanying jewellery. It holds its own as a solo piece, just right for an outing with friends or family. If you want to build the perfect contemporary look, try out a few Curve jewellery combinations with this bangle. No one can beat your style when you sport this sensuous bangle, along with sterling silver earrings or a necklace from the Curve Collection.

Why we love it

Inspired by organic curve forms such as ripples in water, a rainbow after the rains, and the beautiful moon at night, the Curve Collection has a deep meaning behind its creation. It’s easy to fall in love with this classic bangle that embodies a simple, bold form. The Curve Large Bangle is treasured by the insightful, intense woman. It expresses happiness, independence, and style.

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