Carré JewelleryRainbow Ring Gold, White Diamond

3.500 DKK


This beautiful Rainbow Ring from Carré Jewellery is made of 10 karat gold with a 0.03 carat brilliant cut diamond in prong setting. The slight curve at one end of the ring with its Carré Signature makes it an authentic piece.

  • 10k gold
  • 0.03ct brilliant cut diamond
  • Carré Signature
  • Colour: Gold, white

What's the story

Carré, the classic term for a square cut gemstone, is a tribute to antique jewels and the traditional techniques used to bring them to life. The name itself symbolises the prominent role of gemstones in the jewellery collection. Shiri Haugbøl, the designer behind Carré Jewellery loves the amazing colours of gems, which she feels are gifts of nature. The colourful magic created by different stones is what she loves the most about jewellery making. Shiri worships hands, which she believes have their own personality, like our faces. She loves to decorate them with a bit of colour in her precious Rings Collection.

What's great about it

The Rainbow Ring is the traditional one-diamond ring in 10 karat gold. The centrepiece is a brilliant cut 0.03 carat diamond in prong setting. The slender gold band of the ring is further enhanced by the slight curve on the side which boasts the Carré Signature. Generally, this piece makes for a beautiful, stackable ring which highlights the appealing diamond gemstone. Rings are visible memories of wonderful experiences. They symbolize life’s important events such as engagements, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and confirmations. So, rings tell personal stories that are cherished for years. This Rainbow Ring with a brilliant cut white diamond, is no different. It is a golden beauty. Further, as a diamond is the birthstone of those born in April, this ring will be held dear by all ladies who have April as their birth month.

How to wear it

The slim structure of the Rainbow Ring with its complementary gold and white colours make it the perfect piece to don anytime and anywhere. There is no specific occasion or attire you should sport this ring with, for its timeless design gains universal approval. Wear it solo to that special occasion and capture the hearts of those you love. You can also sport it with your necklace and bracelets to a business meeting or simply flaunt it at that gala occasion and make a bold statement!

Why we love it

Carré Jewellery, the chef-d’oeuvre of Shiri Haugbøl, wants you to treat yourself to this beautiful ring for a special occasion or to spoil yourself. This Rainbow Ring from their atelier is the best piece to start your personalised jewellery collection with. What’s more, Carré packs your ring in a cutesy box which can be used to store your jewellery at home or when traveling. This is what we love about Carré Jewellery for they present us with the highest level of customisation.

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