Carré Jewellery Limited Edition Pink

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About Carré Jewellery

Carré Jewellery is a well-known Danish jewellery brand that invites on a journey into a world of gemstones. The jewellery company was founded back in 1991. And in those almost 30 years, they have used more than 900 gorgeous gemstones in their jewellery design. Actually the name, Carré, is a classic term for a square-cut gemstone. This special cut also symbolises the prominent role of the gemstone in the labels jewellery designs. Furthermore they have functions as a tribute to antique jewellery and the traditional techniques that made them possible, which Carré Jewellery also express as ”an ever-present inspiration in everything we do.”

Gems can also be described as small wonders of the natural world as they are created from the intense pressure in rocks and mountains, attained by mining or found in river beds. It is the chemistry and temperature which are the deciding factors in how a gemstone’s colour turns out. This is also why a certain gemstone can span a whole range of different colours. The magical part about gemstones are that they all have their own character. They are also exceptionally varied and you can find gemstones in every shade imaginable. Most gemstones have inclusions that affect the colour and can range from fully transparent to opaque. In jewellery, making gemstones are often cut into facets or cabochon depending on the structure, density and colour of the gemstone, as well as the wearers’ or jewellery designer’s personal preferences.