Bergsoe Jewellery Seafire Earring

26,450 kr.

Seafire earring in 18, 22 and 24 karat gold with diamonds

About Bergsoe Jewellery

Josephine Bergsøe is the passionate designer and creative soul behind Bergsoe Jewellery. She creates unique jewellery rooted in her affectionate love for jewellery. She loves jewelry for the story it tells using no words and for the ability to transmit a silent signal through a simple design or gemstone. “When words fail us, one single piece of jewellery can send an even stronger, more expressive message.”

A Bergsoe piece is always unique and no lines are perfectly straight. The responsible sourced stones are handpicked by Josephine Bergsøe herself who always aims for the highest standard. All Bergsoe pieces are handcrafted in Josephine Bergsøe’s design studio in the center of Copenhagen.

Her jewellery is mostly sourced from sustainable materials often using recycled gold and silver and always with precious gemstones and baroque peals. She loves every piece and cares for the person wearing it. Every Bergsøe piece carries a personal story and can be custommade to perfection for any specific customer.