The holiday season has started, that means a lot of relaxing and d-vitamins delivered from the sun before the Danish winter starts again.

Personally, I try to relax big time on my holiday, which I spend in Umbria, Italy. While I relax, I get to think of all the nice jewellery that I would like to add to my personal collection - some of them are from Céline. They would match any of my holiday outfits and I think they are just truly amazing and very different.


They would look so cool just with a bikini on the beach and for any other great occasion this summer such as a summer garden party or a wedding. I think they are very sophisticated, but at the same time simple - just what I love in jewellery at the moment.


The dolphin earrings and necklace are to die for - they are so cute and so cool at the same time. The blue colour is spot on this summer with a white t-shirt or a cool bikini - to wear these while relaxing by to pool or on the beach would be a dream of mine. Ohhh yes - always style your bikinis with nice jewellery - that's a f..king nice detail.

Besides the dolphin earrings, are some very graphic gold coloured earrings that are very simple and very modern - so cool to mix for an everyday outfit.


Last, the gold earrings and gold necklace indicate a very classic style while the design is very modern and hip - so in my mind, this is a great mix of wearing a pair of earrings that a very stylish, classic and very hip and modern at the same time.

The gold coloured bracelet is so beautiful on its own and goes very well together with a watch or other bracelets.

If you dream of this jewellery visit www.celine.com and go get these beauties.


Photo credit; www.céline.com and www.thestwrd.com