Two Danish designers joined in lavish unity during Paris Fashion Week


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Jewellery designer Vibe Harsloef and fashion designer Anne Sofie Madsen have once again united their creative forces and collaborated in lavish unity on a unique jewellery line for Anne Sofie Madsen’s SS18 collection.

Extravagant jewellery and 60’ties sci-fi in lavish unity

This time the extravagant jewellery pieces feature contrasting natural elements with 60’ties sci-fi elements to show the juxtaposing of rawness and delicacy that characterises Madsen’s aesthetics. These pieces are only showpieces, but you’ll find a cool selection of Vibe Harsløf’s playful designs right here

The designer duo has played with elements as diverse as messy flower Petals, Swarovski crystals fixed with Spears on minimal arches and weaponry charms to underline the many references and contrast seen in the clothes. The result is a line of lavish jewellery with a contemporary take on archetypical shapes and forms.

Vibe Harsloef`s design philosophy is simple; she strives to create contemporary and original jewellery and accessories that accentuate the body rather than embellishing it. In every collection, she challenges the boundaries of how and where a piece of jewellery should be worn, but without compromising the wearability. Besides her collaboration with Anne Sofie Madsen, Vibe has also engaged in collaboration with among others Hien Le, Kinraden, Wood Wood and Bijules.

It is the second time you engage in a collaboration with Anne Sofie Madsen, why a second collaboration? “I really enjoyed working with her last season, our ideas on what the jewellery should express were so aligned and it made so much fun to do the pieces, so when she asked me this season I didn’t hesitate one second. In general, I love doing showpieces – it gives me a lot of energy to work this intensively with one-offs and definitely pushes me as a designer.”

Anne Sofie Madsen shows her designs at Paris ready-to-wear Fashion Week, did this fact have any impact on you doing the second collaboration? “Not really….it is obviously a bonus that it is held in Paris where the exposure is much bigger than Copenhagen but I really love working this way, so I probably would have done it anyway.”

If so how is Paris’ Fashion Week different compared to for instance Copenhagen Fashion Week? “Obviously, there is more status in showing in Paris as the standards and expectations are much higher. In Paris, you have all important press and buyers gathered and even though their schedules are really tight and you are competing with a lot of events and showrooms, chances that they show up are still much bigger than in Copenhagen.”

When and where will these items be available to purchase?
“I’m not sure if they will be available. All pieces are handmade in my studio with the thought of supporting the clothes on the runway. But they can obviously be made by order.

Whats next for Vibe Harsløf Jewellery “2017 has been a crazy busy year with work non-stop, so a very long vacation is coming up next.”

Visit Vibe’s universe here. 

Photo credit: James Cochran

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