Orit Elhanati & Mark Kenly Domino Tan join forces


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MarkTan_OritElhanatiOrit Elhanati known for her mysterious and decadent jewellery universe has created the collection “Stranger”, which will be awakened during the Danish fashion designer Mark Kenly Domino Tan’s fashion show during Copenhagen Fashion week.
I’m a great admirer of Mark. He is at the same time brilliant, detailed and passionate. He creates beautiful, breathtaking works of art. Precisely what prompted me to create a collection which, in interaction with Marks creations, will burst forth on the catwalk Orit Elhanati
Stranger can also be experienced in The Jewellery Room Friday, February 5th.

“Stranger” is a dramatic, mysterious and textural expression. The collection is a tribute to the game. Inspired by the rock formations Orit Elhanati has created a snapshot of nature’s underground treasures. www.oritelhanati.com

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