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We love pre-loved luxury diamond jewellery or vintage jewellery if you prefer. It is a one of a kind piece and it holds so much history. Vintage jewellery raises an instant wow effect and gives an aura of class.

It can help you brighten up your wardrobe in that sense, that people will always notice a fine piece of vintage glam – it brings a dash of new life into your personal style.

We have teamed up with the amazing auction house Bruun Rasmussen who has specialized in finding exceptional vintage pieces. You can find their full selection here where you'll find inspiration and tips on which pre-loved jewellery pieces to buy next. We have already chosen three of our favourite pieces at Bruun Rasmussen, which are classic and wearable and will definitely keep their value.

Pssst... Remember that every Wednesday at 8 o’clock it’s possible to buy pre-loved jewellery on Bruun Rasmussen's website and four times a year in their beautiful settings at Bredgade in Copenhagen, at a real-life auction.

We have 5 reasons why to by vintage jewellery now.

1. The first reason to buy pre-loved jewellery is that the price is often much lower than if you were to buy a new piece from a jewellery store.

2. The second reason is that you can re-sell your jewellery at a later point and get close to your purchase price. So, you can enjoy your pre-loved jewellery for various events for a year or teen and still have the money back that you spent on it.

3. The third reason is that new popular jewellery pieces get sold out fast in stores, and by buying vintage you have access to pieces that are no longer available. Sometimes your favourite pieces of jewellery are the one you saw your grandmother, your mother or a friend while growing up.

4. The fourth reason to buy pre-loved jewellery is that you buy a piece of history. Ancient jewellery have been on different people, experienced different time areas and different family stories. How beautiful is that thought

5. The fifth and last reason is that when buying pre-loved jewellery, you help save the environment. Recycling and re-using is a benefit to our environment and who do not want to be environmentally friendly these days.

These are our vintage favourites from Bruun Rasmussen auctions just now.


Ring from Cartier "Trinity Panther ring" in 18 karat gold, emeralds and onyx. This amazing ring has an assessment of 12.000 kroner.

Spectacular bracelet in 14-carat gold. This bracelet has an assessment of 12.000–15.000 kroner. 

Sapphire and diamond ring made of platinum adorned with faceted sapphire of approx. 3.00 ct. surrounded by numerous baguette-cut diamonds totalling approx. 4.30 ct. This exquisite piece has an assessment 30.000–35.000 kroner.