People are normally in search of something which is new and unique and not what just everyone is wearing. The Jewellery Room makes sure that you get access to all the latest jewellery trends that are introduced all around the world. Be it necklaces, rings, chokers or something that you can wear in your ears or around your wrists; The Jewellery Room has the best and latest things in store for you.

If you are fond of jewellery and are in search of something that not only is trendy and stylish but is also not too heavy on your pocket, then The Jewellery Room is just the right place for you. It has a wide collection of ornaments of all shapes, sizes, design, and color. The online store also treats you with the best quality and the latest trends that there are in the market!

There is something for everyone! The variety that store possesses makes sure that you find something that clicks perfectly with your personality. Let’s look at some of the latest jewellery trends and trending pieces you can find in the online store!

Blue oval sapphire ring

This sapphire ring is one of the most contemporary designs which are loved for their simplicity and grace. The gold body with a single large-sized sapphire gives it a very expensive and elegant look and enhances the look of even a very simple dress. It can be worn on both formal and casual gatherings. You can also use this oval sapphire ring as an ornament which is worn on a daily basis. It can serve the purpose of being a very good present for your partner!

Khepri turquoise scarab

This Khepri Turquoise Scarab looks magnificent especially because of the blend of gold and turquoise that it offers. Worn around your neck, it gives royal feels and makes you look very important. This is one of latest jewellery trends in the market and is being loved by jewellery lovers.

Shooting star pendant

Another latest jewellery trend is elegant and dainty pendants like the beautiful shooting star pendant which is quite grand. It is very delicate yet leaves a lasting impact on its viewers. The delicate chain with a crystal hung to its end complements dresses which have deep necks. You can wear it paired with similar crystal earrings and a short dress at a formal gathering too!

Large signature 9 karat solid gold hoops

Hoops always come and go out of fashion. This year’s latest jewellery trend includes hoops of all sizes. The designs and colors might change from time to time, but a hoop is something you can wear to any event, be it a birthday bash or an anniversary dinner.

These large-sized 9 karat solid gold hoops are very plain but at the same time, very graceful. If you wish to up-do your hair in the form of a bun, then these are something perfect for you to wear as in that case, they will add to your sophisticated look.

Pavé shooting star ring

Objects like leaves and stars are quite common in this year’s latest jewellery trends. This Pave shooting star ring is in a pure gold color and is embellished with crystal stars. It gives a very fancy look and is perfect for every formal occasion. Pair this up with gold earrings and a delicate gold chain for a complete look for any gathering! This is one of the most trending rings of the year!

Nature polished bangle

This nature polished bangle is very sophisticated to look at and can be worn on occasions of all sorts. Whether you have to attend a small family gathering or a wedding function, it can serve the purpose equally well in both the cases. The stones that bound the ends of the gold bangle bring out a subtle and cool look and gives you a very elegant appearance.

Keski Pomppu ring in gold

Keski Pomppu ring in gold is the most favorite ring these days. Its design is beyond creative. On close inspection, you would be amazed that it gives off a funky and an elegant look simultaneously. The dull gold made into a crisp design is what attracts buyers the most. The ring is very unique and has easily made its name in the latest jewellery trends.

PRESENT Oval diamond

Geometrical shapes like squares and ovals are also commonly seen in the latest jewellery trends. This oval diamond bracelet makes your wrist look very beautiful. Gold in color, embellished by several small-sized diamonds, it is the best ornament to wear with sleeveless dresses. It goes perfectly with formal dresses too.

Gold-plated anklet with pearls

Anklets never really go out of trend. However, the designs and shapes of these anklets change according to the latest jewellery trends. This gold-plated anklet is embellished with pearls which enhances its look and makes it all the more beautiful. This is something you can wear if you have decided on a knee-length dress and sandals for an occasion. Sandals will help you show off your anklet, making this unique piece of jewellery stand out even more.

These are the latest jewellery trends from all around the world. Find all these pieces and more at The Jewellery Room. Pay it a visit and make a purchase that you will never regret!