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These Rubies can be yours…

For the first time ever in the world a Greenland Ruby jewellery set will be sold on Auction at the danish Auction house Bruun Rasmussen on March 1st.

Every country has it’s is uniqueness and apparently Greenland has something that’s just a bit more unique than others. Namely a valuable soil with precious and extremely valuable Rubies.  This mine produces the most stunning rubys in various shades of pink and red and a handful of the first ever mined rubies rubies have become to the ”La Nina” jewellery set and is now up for auction.

Katrin Mikkelsen Sørensen, Head of International Sales of Jewellery is very excited and looking forward to see the price level that “La Nina” fetches on auction, as there are no previous price indications and guidelines.

The very special about this set being with Bruun Rasmussen in Copenhagen is that it is the first time ever that rubies from Greenland are sold on auction anywhere in the world,” explains Katrin and continues ”it is made of the first ever mined Ruby’s in Aappaluttoq in Greenland at the Greenland Ruby mining operation, and is very beautiful.

This jewellery set seem to have a big value  to the people of Greenland and not just to the mIning Company “La Nina” as this is both as a piece of fine jewellery with respect to the design and quality, the gemmological components and news value of the rubies and the effects it has on a social point of view. Part of the revenue from the sale goes to the government in Greenland and a part goes to the “Pink Polar Bear Foundation” set up by the mining company to save the animals in Greenland primarily from the climate changes. Seen in a larger economic perspective the jewelry mining can be a very important way of income for the people in Greenland as well.


The jewellery set is named ”La Nina” and consists of a necklace and a pair of ear pendants in 18k gold set with more than 60.00 ct. of fine quality rubies.

Visit Bruunrasmussen to see more about ”La Nina”

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