Jewellery design with an artistic touch

Yesterday I discovered a new jewellery brand from South Korea. Contempoh is an exclusive, contemporary designer adornment brand that creates intriguing pieces with an artistic touch. The label embraces modern and traditional design and tells a different story with each collection.

One-of-a-kind pieces

Contempoh explores elegant avenues of creating one-of-a-kind pieces from diverse materials and features playful and beautiful pieces. Through its creative work the brand designs with a vision of becoming a part of your precious life’s journey.

My favourite pieces from their Delicatism collection are the ones depicting faces, a symbol that seems to be very hyped at the moment.

The Half&Half collection is also super beautiful. The designs are very original despite the fact that they are made with a very classic jewellery gem - pearls.

Are you also intrigued by Contempoh's artistic pieces?