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December 1st , Earrings from ByPariah:         asalleidan

December 2nd, Necklace from Libelula:     Goluckymilla

December 3rd, Earrings from Bergsøe:      marielynge

December 4th, Bracelet from  Marlene Juhl joergensen:  Parinkarin

December 5th, necklace from NordbyThomsen :                           Marianoertoft

December 6th, earrings from Rebekka Notkin :                              Juliebrandhoej

december 7th, earrings from Nina Webrink:                                     parmidarezai

December 8th, bangle from T/raw:                                                         Angelaleanocita

december 9th, Rainbow set from Sif Jakobe Jewellery :               anna.kauffmann

december 10th, Ring from Unspoiled Jewels:                                       mille_madsen

December 11th, Diamond bracelet from Ebba Brahe Jewellery: Nastasja.m

december 12th, Silver Set from Pioni Design:                                        PernilleEnoch

december 13th, Silver bangle from DUlong Fine Jewelry:              Marleneschou

December 14th, gold ring from Sofie lagdefoed:                              annesofienelson

December 15th, goldplated earrings from Keskipompuu:                    stefaniemichelleandersen





december 16th, Charms bracelet from With Love darling:           Kathrynruthbishop

December 17th, Gold plated earrings from Vera Vega                    julesluvz_   

december 18th, gold flake necklace from Sofie Lunoe                        Sarahkloeve

december 19th, earring in 14kt gold from Line&JO                                   Evakold

december 20th, gold ring from Carré jewellery                                     mia.nikolajsen

December 21st, statement earrings from Vibe Harsløf                          Wimakh

december 22nd, gold pendant from Marylou Jewellery                       lottegregers

december 23rd, Gold rain cloud from Josina                                             trinemoerk

december 24th, gold necklace from Nadia shelbaya jewelry             jennna_brooke                      






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