Anpé Atelier cph Anduru

19,900 kr.

18kt. white gold / 1 natural unheated black blue spinel (3.08ct.) / VS diamonds (0.03ct.). Delivered with a certificate.

About Anpé Atelier cph

An enchanting universe of coloured gemstones is at the heart of the Anpé Atelier’s delicate universe. Classic and stylish jewellery, all with a mix of coloured sapphires and other gemstones always set in 18 karat gold or whitegold.

The dream of jewellery creator Line Jacobsen is to bring colours into women’s jewellery box and expand people’s minds that gems are much more than traditional diamonds. Sapphires are at least as beautiful and when it comes to the strong and magical colours found within sapphires the diamonds fail, according to Line.

Anpé Atelier Cph shows a variety of stunning designs and helps women to easily add a pop of colour to their wardrope.