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Jewellery Talk with VIERI Ethical Fine Jewellery

Ethical fine jewellery Guya Merkle is 31 years old and the founder and designer of the German Ethical jewellery label...

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Street style jewellery trends with Moeez Ali 

By Tamsin Ivy This week we are sharing our favourite jewellery snaps from across Fashion Week by London based...

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Breaking the Rules: Mixed Metals

By: Tamsin Ivy In the last year or so we’ve really noticed a shift in the world of jewellery Fashion and jewellery...

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Chunky rings are back

Chunky rings can be a bold statement on an everyday basis; it often depends on how you wear it and how you mix it with...

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Old is the new NEW

Sweet Audrey Hepburn / Breakfast at Tiffany’s We love pre-loved luxury diamond jewellery or vintage jewellery if...

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Danish jewellery label adorns Victoria’s Secret model

The super cool Victoria’s Secret model, Jasmine Tookes, is spotted on the streets of New York, wearing the...

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Wedding season is up – so here’s one for the guys: If you are about to buy an engagement ring for the true love of...

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If kimonos, wrap skirts and off-shoulder blouses are IT trends in the fashion world this summer, statement earrings...

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Seal it with a kiss

Hot Lips According to professional make-up artists and International beauty bloggers, it is no secret that red hot...

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A tribute to the sea

The latest collection from the Norwegian designer Hasla is inspired by her childhood where she spent every summer on...

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