The Jewellery Room reaches new heights

14 August 2017 by Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry

By Marlene Toldbod - Photo:Camilla Rehnstrand
Mads Kornerup_CharlotteLynggaard TJR aug17 photo-Camilla Rehnstrand (10 av 15)Mads Kornerup , Shamballa Jewels & Charlotte Lynggaard, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen ”The Jewellery Room reaches new heights” - So say several exhibitors at the well-established jewellery event, which once again gathered Danish and international goldsmiths and jewellery brands during the fashion week. Thursday morning, the hosts and founders of The Jewellery Room, Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry and Pernille Møbjerg Knudsen, welcomed us to yet another season in the name of jewellery. TheJewelleryRoom- TJR aug17 photo-Camilla Rehnstrand (3 av 15) But although the event is in its 9th season, not everything remained the same. This year the event was carried by the spacious rooms of Skuespilhuset, where the shimmering water from the docks shined alongside gold, silver and precious gemstones in the August sun. German, British, Finish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish jewellery brands stood side by side – amongst others were Pandora, Orit Elhanati, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Pilgrim, Sif Jakobs and Shamballa Jewels. “This location exceeds our highest expectations, and it was a great decision to try something new. The energy from exhibitors and guests alike is really positive, and we’re very happy,” Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry and Pernille Møbjerg Knudsen say. This year they started the day again with a breakfast where exhibitors, press and buyers were given the opportunity to meet each other before the whole event was kicked off – a strategy The Jewellery Room has found to be successful in previous seasons. “This year we once again have brands who have been with us since the beginning; some are back after a couple of seasons, and others, such as our two sustainable brands from Germany and Sweden, are brand new. Several of the exhibitors will also be joining us when we celebrate the launch of our first event with The Jewellery Room at London Fashion Week in September,” the two founders explain. Buyers and press, Danish as well as international, were represented in large numbers, rounding the 25 interesting brands. Dulong Fine Jewellery find that The Jewellery Room provides a good gathering place for jewellery through out the fashion week, says Head of Marketing, Helene Basse. “This connection between fashion week and the showcasing of jewellery makes a lot of sense. We are here to present our autumn collection as well as for the PR aspect of the event and the networking benefits we gain from our presence at The Jewellery Room. We are primarily focusing our energy on the North at the moment, but hope for the possibility to be a part of the event in London next year,” she says. Marie-Louise Joensen is here for the first time with her brand Mary-Lou Jewellery. She and Julie Nielsdotter Jewellery share a newly acquired workspace and jewellery boutique on Gammel Kongevej, and exhibit their jewellery side by side at The Jewellery Room. TJR aug 17 photo-Camilla Rehnstrand (19 av 26) ThejewelleryRoom_DulogFinejewelry - TJR aug17 photo-Camilla Rehnstrand (63 av 76)Dulong Fine jewelley TheJewelleryRoom_RebekkaNotkin - TJR aug17 photo-Camilla Rehnstrand (61 av 76)Rebekka Notkin TheJewelleryRoom_ TJR aug17 photo-Camilla Rehnstrand (25 av 76)Dyrberg/Kern SushiLovers_TJR aug17 photo-Camilla Rehnstrand (19 av 76) TheJewelleryroomTJR aug17 photo-Camilla Rehnstrand (6 av 15) ThejewelleryRoom_OleLynggaardCopenhagen - TJR aug17 photo-Camilla RehnstrandOle Lynggaard Copenhagen TheJewelleryRoom_OritElhanati TJR aug17 photo-Camilla Rehnstrand (11 av 76)Orit Elhanati TheJewelleryRoom_YU_Japan - TJR aug17 photo-Camilla Rehnstrand (67 av 76) Julie Nielsdotter TheJewelleryRoom_MaryLou- TJR aug17 photo-Camilla Rehnstrand (76 av 76)MaryLou Jewellery TJR aug 17 photo-Camilla Rehnstrand (16 av 26)Pilgrim, Coco's Liberty & Sif Jakobs Jewellery ThejewelleryRoom_Founders_Charlotte_Pernille- TJR aug17 photo-Camilla Rehnstrand (38 av 76) Founders Charlotte & Pernille Møbjerg  

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