Silver is back, and it’s here to stay!

12 November 2017 by Sarah-Niamh Twomey-Madsen

Silver is this season’s favourite material of both fashion and jewellery brands.

Whether it’s high-end fashion brands, contemporary jewellery brands or fine jewellery labels it seems that small as well as bigger jewellery houses are turning to silver for their next big collections.

Why do jewellery designers choose silver over gold?

First of all, the affordability of silver compared to gold makes it a great material to use. It gives the designer the possibility to create bigger, bolder and more playful pieces of jewellery. Secondly, it is still a valuable, precious and everlasting metal. Thirdly, it’s an easy material to work with. The soft metal can be transformed into any shape. It can take upon different finishes such as a shiny, polished, a matte finish or a surface manipulated by tools to give it a look of your choosing.

Swedish jewellery designer and silversmith Pia Ebon Lindgren is an expert on the latter. She experiments with imprinting patterned fabrics on to silver, resulting in a look of softness in the otherwise cold and hard metal. Pia’s brand Ebon Li is now known and loved for this unique technique.

Campaign image by Ebon Li

This summer saw a new-found love of silver and the cool shade has never been hotter – here’s why:

– The metallic shade is easy to match with any other colour in your wardrobe.

– It’s a statement-making colour, leading your thoughts on to space and escapism – and who doesn’t want to explore the starry universe?

– Silver jewellery is affordable! It gives you the ability to buy more jewellery, and you know you can never have too much!

– It is the most reflective of all the elements, and makes you look stunning on a sunshiny day!

In the (not so distant) past, matte silver was the thing, due to its high wearability and toned down discreet look. Now, however, we’re all about making a statement with our accessories. For that purpose, a piece of high-polished jewellery does a much better job!

It benefits from the extraordinary reflective properties of the metal and keeps you looking like a million all night.


Sculptural, aesthetical, and over all beautiful pieces from the Silk collection by Swedish designer Sara Robertsson.


Small, elegant and cool earpieces by Danish contemporary brand Vibe Harsløf.

Necklaces with an edge by T/RAW, who brings focus to beauty in everyday objects.

The Danish jewellery house Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is known for its high-end fine jewellery and flawless Danish design. Previously, Ole Lynggaard only made jewellery in gold, now the fine label reveals a new facet. With the release of their first selection of silver jewellery, they pay tribute to the new silver trend.

The collection is the perfect example of how the metal plays an essential role in the appearance of a piece of jewellery. Here, the silver ‘Nature’ bracelet has a younger, more fashionable look whereas the gold ‘Lotus’ ring is more feminine, with an adult touch. The choice between the two fine metals gives you the chance to choose between romantic and bold styles.



Nature bracelet in sterling silver, Ole Lynggaard



Silver Leaves earrings,  Ole Lynggaard


Silver is in high demand this season  – in jewellery as well as clothing. For instance, Yves Saint Laurent presented a pair of sparkling silver boots at their Fall ’17 show. The boots were already worn and loved by Rihanna the very next week! It doesn’t matter if you’re all about the bling or the boots – silver’s got you covered in all shapes and sizes.

Disco ball boots, Fall ’17, Yves Saint Laurent. 

 Silver pants, streetstyle.

Photo credits: The respective brands, Yannis Vlamos/ and Pinterest.

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