Rebekka NOTKIN

Jewels by Rebekka Notkin are born of a passion for timeless elegance. Inspired by the magic of history, each individually crafted design has a unique story to share with the world.

Rebekka Notkin is a jewellery designer at heart: “New ideas can pop up anywhere and at any time. I am very passionate about my work, and to me the border between work and leisure is quite fluid. That is why I always carry a sketchbook in my bag to jot down my thoughts and ideas,” she says.

Rebekka Notkin then turns her ideas into refined designs; sketches become working models and materials are selected. Precious metals are pliable by nature, allowing you to shape them by hand using a number of different tools. Indeed, the metals are often heated to retain their pliability while soldering the different part and shaping the claws or channel settings to hold the gemstones. The joints are then refined with a file and sandpaper before the process is concluded by polishing the jewel to bring out its lustre.

Rebekka Notkin graduated as a goldsmith in 1996 and opened her first boutique and atelier in 1997 in Fortunstræde, Copenhagen. She inherited her passionate approach to craftsmanship from her father and grandfather. Her father was a goldsmith by profession, whereas her grandfather was a dental technician. And her collection of tools includes those inherited from both her ancestors.

Rebekka Notkin has never regretted her decision for a moment: “It’s fantastic to be a goldsmith and to create beautiful jewellery. I value the personal contact with the clients greatly. Being a goldsmith makes you quite vulnerable since each creation is very personal.”






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Danish designer Rebekka Notkin

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