My World – Nord.
Nord is a fairy tale world I have created. A place draped in everything glorious. A place where elves play alongside unicorns and Moon rabbits go on vacation. It is the one place where nothing is impossible. This is where I go when creativity and imagination is running low and I am in need of an enchanting refill.
NordByThomsenWhen Nord meets reality something amazing happens. My jewellery comes to life and I create pieces that bring a little fantasy and wonder to everyday city life.

My Muse – Snow.
She arrived on day of immense beauty. Large flakes of snow where dancing in mid- air as if they were celebrating the genesis of this wonderful being. A snow fairy . My muse.

So delicate and magnificent that everything she lays her eyes upon, turns radiant and glorious like the jewellery she so generously inspires.

All my pieces are designed and handmade here in Denmark, as it is very important to me, that there is a little though of spirit and fantasy in each one. I seek my inspiration in in fairy tales, picture books, the arts, cinema and illustrations. The biggest source, however, is my ever present muse Snow and my world Nord.

 Yet, she might be a fairy. But nothing makes her feel better than living amongst us people. She lives close to the castle Rosenborg and the Crown Jewels because she loves the way they sparkle.

When working with jewellery I use a range of materials; leather, wood, plastic, lace, gems, gold, silver and diamonds. The properties of each material play an important part in the design process.










MetteNordbythomsenDesigner Mette Nordby Thomsen

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Mette NordBy Thomsen
Phone:+45 26 27 60 62


The Jewellery Room

Hi House, Kronprinsensgade 13, 4.
1114 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry
+ 45 26 20 1994 | E-mail

Pernille Møbjerg Knudsen
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