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After many years as marketing manager at Pianegonda (her brother’s brand) Maria Luisa took a long break from the jewellery business only to realize how much she had missed it. In 2013 she decided to embark on a new journey creating her own label – Maria e Luisa Jewels.

In her own words, this is Maria e Luisa: “The multiple identities of a single name; and a sapient blend of the perfumes of Asia and the West, the gypsy culture combined with the flavor of the earth I am close to.”

“My absence from the goldsmith sector helped to find the woman I had lost. Years of living in places that I would never have thought of residing, spent understanding where and how to begin again, that only within me could I find the most beautiful journey, and that only by ceasing to search could I start discovering.”

“Maria e Luisa embodies the synthesis of the woman I am, expressing the passion for my work and represents the bond between the past, the present and the future. Maria e Luisa is the embrace and the wonders that I found in the streets of the world that I now want you to feel as well.”

The inspiration of the materials

We take inspiration from the colors of the earth and it is she who gives us the raw materials. Silver, gold, natural stones, precious and semi-precious gems, are the materials that give life to the Maria e Luisa collections. Warm metals, inviting and malleable, whose surfaces are shaped and molded into unexpected profiles. The warm color of gold accompanies the purity of the silver; the naturalness of the stones arouses and enhances the forms in an enchantment of brilliance, lights and colors.

Smoky, pink and cognac quartz, prasiolite, amethyst, onyx, London and sky topaz are the natural stones that make up the world of the Maria e Luisa collections. All the stones are cut in Italy and originate from Brazil.

The intimacy of gestures in a jewel made in Italy

The Maria e Luisa 925 sterling silver jewellery is handmade by master goldsmiths in Milan with the use of the engraver and without computer technology.

Exceptional master craftsmanship, innovative design, functionality and contemporary materials of the highest quality, are the guaranteed standards of the Maria e Luisa creations. From the design to the completion of the jewel, every step is followed by a master goldsmith who transmits experience, quality, refinement and exclusivity to the jewels.

The details are made in 9K gold and the burnishing becomes shiny over time so the jewel will thus take on splendor and uniqueness.

The retail prices range from £250 to £2500. All items are made in 925 sterling silver and can include 9K gold details, diamonds, pearls and natural stones.

Balance of detail

The balance of the details is discovered in the hand-chiseled silver surfaces using the ancient bumblebee technique. Every jewel is shaped and made with passion, attention and rigor by Italian goldsmiths.

“I find myself retreading the journey of my life. Starting with Janis Joplin’s intense and scratching voice, I remember the years during which we had dreams and wanted to do something, anything, to transform those dreams into signs. It was the hippy era, and it ended with the rise of the eighties during which every dream was blurred, erased, by the plague of yuppyism. In this world, I see the face losing its contours, becoming impalpable, absent, inhabited by the always-open empty eyes, depressed and in crisis. Today, this era is happily ending and we go back to wanting to be and not to appear. It is this certainty that every day gives me energy to create jewels that complement personality, not accessories of uniformity”

“Today I stop thinking and find myself a woman choosing to create intense jewels like Janis Joplin’s voice and unique as the soul of the wearer.”

Support Package

The support package provided to stockists:

Beautiful point of sale

Beautiful branded packaging

Display personalization

Display images and posters

Personalized corner and window displays

Marketing support

Social marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness in the local area of a retailer

Graphic materials: Digital HR pictures, social media marketing (SMM) materials, customer catalogues and brochures

Full training for the sales associates

Maria e Luisa special events and trunk shows

Cooperative advertising budget

Shows and distribution

Maria e Luisa is participating at VicenzaOro and Couture in Vegas.

Although only established four years ago in Milan, Italy, Maria e Luisa is already available from more than 100 high-end jewellers internationally and is now rapidly taking off given a very strong sell-out. Now for the first time, Maria e Luisa is entering the UK and Ireland markets through distributor Leoro Showroom who has long experience and knowhow of the UK luxury market and the international jewellery business.












For more details please contact:

Leoro Showroom

The Jewellery Room

Hi House, Kronprinsensgade 13, 4.
1114 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry
+ 45 26 20 1994 | E-mail

Pernille Møbjerg Knudsen
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