I love jewellery. I love it for the story it tells using no words.

Humans and animals have adorned themselves since the dawn of time. We use jewellery to transmit a silent signal, to reveal a desire, share our joy, or merely to indulge ourselves. When words fail us, one single piece can send an even stronger, more eloquent, message.

All my pieces are made by hand, mostly sourced from sustainable materials. And always using gold, silver, precious gems, and peals.


Since each of these ingredients was created by nature, all I do is follow its inherent design. I add a few touches, but know never to compete with nature: every fragment is already telling a story long before I put my hands on it. I seek nature’s abstract imperfections, scattered precious objects, and put them together:

A falling leaf. A lone creature at the bottom of the sea. An animal’s eye.


I sometimes combine all these using man-made accents for inspiration: the grand operas we compose. The poems we write. Industrial design. The clank of factory steel.

Taken together, it all becomes music made from gold. With nature as the conductor.


Exclusive contemporary jewellery with a cutting edge is synonymous with Josephine Bergsøe. Her wearable jewellery has been displayed in galleries and museums of design and art in; Denmark, New York, Berlin Moscow, Amsterdam, Beijing and Stockholm. Josephine Bergsøe has been commissioned to make jewellery for the Royal family of Denmark and has an array of exclusive international clients involving; Halle Berry, Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons and Glen Close. The most comprehensive display of Josephine Bergsøe jewellery, is to be found in one of the historical pavilions surrounding Rosenborg Castle, in central Copenhagen. Here you can discover a range of the unique handcrafted jewellery and even get expert advice on the commissioning of exclusive pieces.

Bergsøe was features in Susanne Biers TV show The Night Manager, see the images below:









Josehine Bergsoe jewellery


Josehine Bergsoe jewellery

Josehine Bergsoe jewellery



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The Jewellery Room

Hi House, Kronprinsensgade 13, 4.
1114 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry
+ 45 26 20 1994 | E-mail

Pernille Møbjerg Knudsen
+ 45 22 11 2003 | E-mail

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