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An artful mash up of classic, old school inspirations, the timeless grit and integrity of true craftsmanship and just the right kick of attitude brings to life CarterGore’s collection of solid silver jewellery. For pieces with personality that’ll stand the grind of time.

Crafted in England amongst its historical myriad of cultural influences, the mind blowing detail of CarterGore’s intricate designs are a result of melding age old techniques and skills passed down through the generations with the artful use of the very latest in laser engraving technology.

But there is one source of inspiration that influences the CarterGore collection more than any other: the tattoo world. What was once a fairly niche scene has exploded into a pacey, vibrant subculture that evolves creatively almost constantly. And within it are some of this generation’s true artists, taking a century old technique and making it their blank canvas. It’s this pulsing hub of ingenuity that Gary is drawn to and admires, which reflects in both the motifs he

uses throughout his work and the core desire to create pieces that are as personal to you as something you’d have inked on your skin.

Despite state-of-the-art technology, all CarterGore designs pay homage to the dedication of true craftsmanship and the purity of something made by hand. Each creation starts as a drawing, sketched the old fashion way with pen and paper by founder, Gary Carter. His unwavering eye for detail combined with his quest for perfection means that each element of the process must be moulded by an honest creative journey. As such, there isn’t a single piece of jewellery that leaves the CarterGore workshop that hasn’t been made by Gary himself. From start to finish.

From classic sugar skulls and Texas longhorns, to twists on some favourite pop culture references CarterGore pieces encapsulate a premium, bespoke beauty with a unique edge that’s as hard to define as you are.


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Gary Carter, Designer, Maker and Co Founder


Press and trade enquiries:

+44 (0)7977 491034

The Jewellery Room

Hi House, Kronprinsensgade 13, 4.
1114 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry
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