Von Lotzbeck Copenhagen represents modern classics. Timeless lines wins out over fleeting trends, but the jewellery are still striking in their simplicity and contrast. Sharp and soft, shiny and matte, exclusive and personal. Marie Von Lotzbeck has created jewellery since she was 9 years old and is now, behind the brand Von Lotzbeck Copenhagen, which is available in throughout Scandinavia. The name Von Lotzbeck can be traced 1200 years back in time as a German noble family. Drawing inspiration from her family history, Marie merges the past with the present in clean, graphic sharps. Every year we wish to surprise when making a new catalouge. We always come up with new themes and this time we wish to show Von Lotzbeck jewellery, in a different setting; a setting that shows how the raw, elegant look suit women, what ever their age is. Von Lotzbeck jewellery is a timeless and beautiful accessory, no matter if you are 20, 30, or 50 +. They can be used to style and modify a look, by mixing designs in different ways allowing us to express our personality. A rolemodel is a person whose personality and behaviour inspire others. A person who dares to be a first mover, taste-maker and pioneer in all facets of life. A role model stands out from the crowd and exudes quality, exclusitivity and originality. Marie von Lotzbeck wished to capture this by selecting a range of different women, who all exhibit a positive energy and style. To be a role model doesn´s depend on age, but on spectacularity.

Web: http://www.vonlotzbeck.dk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VonLotzbeck?fref=ts
Instagram: http://instagram.com/vonlotzbeck/
Press: katrine@valuepr.dk / +45 2323 2929

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The Jewellery Room

Hi House, Kronprinsensgade 13, 4.
1114 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry
+ 45 26 20 1994 | E-mail

Pernille Møbjerg Knudsen
+ 45 22 11 2003 | E-mail

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