Jewellery Talk with Facon Facon

13 June 2017 by Eva Lund

Charlotte Christina Larsen is the power woman behind the Danish uber cool jewellery brand FACON FACON. The 29-year-old Goldsmith and Diamond Grader knew she wanted to be a jewellery designer since the 10th. grade. We met with Charlotte to hear about her experience in New York, her chocolate addiction and her opinion about trends. Charlotte_faconfacon_thejewelleryroom How and why did you start your label? It made sense to start a collection after making showpieces for a big catwalk show 5 years ago. So went on part time at my work and went from there. Describe a perfect day for you? I start my day as often as possible at 6.30 with working out. Already there my day is good. I'm a To-do-list person, so if I can cross things off my list while working, drinking coffee, listening to music it's a perfect day! I love working long days. Sometimes evenings are the best for me to get a lot done. Do you have a crazy habit? I tend to whistle when I solder which makes the flame blow out.. kinda stupid. UrbanBrigadeRing_faconfacon_thejewelleryroom Do you have a style icon that inspires you in your approach to design? I love androgynous women such as Elliot Sumner and Christine from Christina & The Queens. Also, Julia Roitfeld is very inspirational to me. What do you see as the next hottest jewellery trends? I’m not a big trend fan. I'm trying to make future classics myself. Something people wanna wear forever and not for the season. What is your guilty pleasure? I eat chocolate every day. I put it on my morning porridge and have a piece with my afternoon coffee. faconfacon_thejewelleryroomWhat moments would you highlight in your entrepreneurial journey so far? And what have been the greatest challenges? My work experience from New York has been one of the best and toughest challenges in my career so far. You need to hustle, socialise and have deep pockets to even get close to make it in the city. It has learned me a lot about this business and that nothing comes for free. What do you dream about? My own store.. Maybe in Paris one day, that would be amazing! Do you have a piece of jewellery that is extra special to you? The Skyline Tip Ring became my first 18K ring for myself. I was not very good at treating myself with jewellery until someone told me, that I needed to wear my own pieces. That's the best advertisement. Facon_Facon_TheJewelleryRoom_4 Do you have something you can’t live without? My bike! I bike everywhere. What would you do if you won 100 million kr.? The same as I do now. Do you have a motto you live by? All in a way.. Don’t overdo things. What would your occupation be if you weren't a jewellery designer? I have done this since I was 16, so have no clue. What is your biggest moment in your jewellery career? When I won Scandinavian championships for goldsmiths in 2011 and received a silver medal from the Queen of Denmark. What are you currently working on? New necklaces, new webshop and a lot of engagement custom orders. See Facon Facon's universe here.

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