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21 November 2017 by Eva Lund

Over a century ago, Daniel Swarovski, inventor, entrepreneur and visionary, pioneered precision-cutting technology for jewellery stones and founded his enterprise based on a philosophy of uncompromising creativity, technological excellence and social values.

Today as then Swarovski Group is committed to growth and to maintaining its place at the forefront of design, creativity and technological innovation across all business units. The Jewellery Room had the pleasure of presenting one of them called Swarovski Gemstones at our Jewellery Room event in London in September. Here we met with Anna Capuzzo, the Regional Marketing Manager for Europe, Cis & Middle East and asked her about the services, values and mission of the Swarovski Gemstones Business unit.

Anna explained to us that one of the objectives of the Gemstones Business is to reinforce the brand identity and to create more awareness of the product categories and services. “I’d say that Swarovski Gemstones is no more a stone supplier, but a solution provider; this shows that the customer is our focus,” Anna told us.

How are the services and products Swarovski Gemstones provide different from the main brand of Swarovski?
“Swarovski Gemstones is the business unit that since 1965 has been offering beautifully crafted genuine gemstones (from precious ruby, sapphire to smoky quartz black spinel marcasite and genuine topaz) and created stones (zirconia and nano ceramic) to the worlds of fine and bridge jewellery, watches, eyewear and lifestyle electronics.”

How do your gemstones differ from other gemstones?
“Since the very beginning, back in 1895, our innovative thinking, technical precision cut and outstanding quality have been essential for the continued success and international reputation of our brand.” Anna states and continues: “Today, we like to think of ourselves as creative visionaries with a passion for perfection.”

“We cut and polish our stones meticulously, bringing out the full intensity of the natural light and creating brilliant, superlative results. These are our Genuine Gemstones and Created Stones – unique in their character and quality, manufactured according to the strictest standards to meet the most stringent criteria of colour, quality size and shape, resulting in a uniformity of calibration and quality unrivalled in the industry.”

In particular, Swarovski Gemstones™ has developed the Zirconia Pure brilliance cut which is the first zirconia to conform to the GIA’s set of standards for grading diamond cut quality and is as brilliant as a diamond. In addition, Swarovski Zirconia is the most responsible zirconia in the market.

“While for Genuine topaz, Swarovski Gemstones has designed the Natural brilliance cut which beats the market standard in brightness and fire”, as stated by The Fraunhofer Institute of Society.

A further remarkable aspect of differentiation is represented by colours, which have always played a fundamental role in the company history. Swarovski Gemstones has developed an innovative and patented colouration technology called Thermal Color Fusion that enhances the surface of the stones (created and topaz range) with an enduring hard-ceramic layer. “This treatment has a lot of advantages for the manufacturers and it is absolutely consumer and environment-friendly because doesn’t involve any irradiation,” Anna explains. Swarovski Gemstones is indeed committed to responsible business practices and has become a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Danish jewellery label Julie Sandlau has used Swarovski’s Zirconia in their Clarity collection.

Right now there is also a lot of talk in the jewellery industry regarding manmade diamonds. Which reactions have you received on your “created diamonds” from customers, businesses, press etc?
“Lab-Grown diamonds in connection with the Swarovski brand has naturally peaked interest from all corners. We see significant strategic growth potential in the jewellery market at large. A trend in material convergence across fashion, bridge and fine jewellery, driven by consumer desire over the past decade.  This is especially true for the fashion conscious self-purchasing woman.” Anna says.

“We have a number of initiatives to explore growth opportunities, DIAMA is one. With DIAMA, we are testing both these opportunities, both on the supply and on the demand sides, for synthetic diamonds.  This is in line with the material diversification strategy in our gemstone business.” 

What would you like to be known for?
“Our ultimate goal is to make our customers’ products truly shine!” Anna states proudly and continues. “Swarovski Gemstones is no longer just a stones supplier but rather a solution provider.”

Below are examples of jewellery featuring Swarovski gemstones.

Earrings from Clogau of Wales. The collection designed by David Emanuel is in 9ct gold, silver and Swarovski® Topaz in white and misty rose colours.

Serafino Consoli from Italy is another Swarovski customer. The Italian label’s jewellery is with diamonds and sapphires from Swarovski.

Serafino Consoli developed a patented technology “one size fits all”. A collection of bracelets, earrings, rings adjustable in size and shape made in gold and precious stones.

Beside selling an unmatchable range of genuine gemstones, created stones and components (that allow the setting of the stones into several types of materials – from stainless steel, titanium, and leather, to wood and plastic – without the need of special skills), Swarovski Gemstones provides customers with unique services like the support in the development of collections thanks to an in-house design department, customized cuts and colours, latest product innovations, technical and application support, the possibility to access to its producers and suppliers network on a global level, Ingredient branding program for the promotion of the collections and many others services.

If you have gotten curious and wish to know more about Swarovski’s Gemstones business pay them a visit here. 

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