Jewellery Talk with Blue Billie

Daniela Upmark is only 27 years old and yet she already owns two companies, where she acts as Founder and Creative Director. The jewellery label Blue Billie and a light art company she named Bxxlght.


Daniela launched in August 2015. The philosophy behind the Stockholm-based jewellery label is storytelling by symbols and letter. The vision is that the customer feels included but also to push her to tell her own story.

Blue Billie is a fictive person, the alter ego of Daniela if you will. She came alive when Daniela realised that she wanted to design jewellery, but did not want it to be about just her. Her desire was to create jewellery you can relate to, without needing to relate to Daniela directly. And so she came up with Blue Billie. It was a given from the start since blue is Daniela’s favourite colour and Billie her darling name.


We met up wit Blue Billie’s “mother” to talk about jewellery, french fries and New Yorker dreams.

Why did you choose to become a jewellery designer?
I have always loved design overall and after starting my light art company Bxxlght I felt that something was missing and I wanted to design and start a brand within the fashion industry as well.

Describe a perfect day for you?
A perfect day for me includes a 30 minutes jog, a big breakfast and then a whole day at the office where I divide the day into two halves, one more creative part and one more sales oriented part of the day. That is my favourite combo.


Do you have a crazy habit?
I have the very annoying habit of talking to myself when being very focused. Since my team and I are working in an open landscape that is not their most favourite habit of mine.

What is your guilty pleasure?
French fries.


What would your occupation be if you weren’t a jewellery designer?
Hmm.. maybe a psychologist for children, or perhaps I would start a dog shelter, or maybe both?

What do you dream about?
I have so many dreams, but the biggest one is to be able to keep inspiring people through my two brands and their worlds and to follow their dreams and open my own store in NYC.

Do you have something you can’t live without?
My friends, family and French fries.

What is your must-have jewellery?
I always use 3 chain lengths with a lot of charms to make my daily outfit more personal and edgy.


Describe the design DNA of Blue Billie?
Blue Billie´s DNA is storytelling by symbols and letters and having the customer feeling included, but also to push them to tell their own stories. Blue Billie is minimalistic with an edge.

What is your biggest achievement/moment in your jewellery career?
My biggest achievement is to have created something out of my biggest hobby and to be able to call it my career. I often get moments where it feels completely unreal.






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