Jewellery talk with Charlotte Lynggaard

OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN was established in 1963 by goldsmith and fine jewellery designer Ole Lynggaard. Charlotte Lynggaard joined the family run company in 1992.

The spirit of Charlotte Lynggaard’s exquisite jewellery designs is sophisticated, feminine and modern. Charlotte has developed a unique trademark in her designs, which is characterized by an elegant and rough yet sensual look.

We met with the 50 year old iconic jewellery designer to hear about her passion for fine jewellery and her family. 


Charlotte Lynggaard

What is your profession?
Goldsmith, Jewellery Designer & Creative Director at OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN

Why did you choose to become a jewellery designer?
It was the creative field that inspired me the most when choosing my career path. Ever since I was a little girl I always used my hands a lot, sewing, knitting, cooking and drawing. After high school I was in doubt whether I wanted to become a goldsmith, work within commercial PR or pursue a career in fashion. I went to Paris and was lucky entering a PR agency specializing in jewellery brands; here I realized I could combine many of my interests and my passion for jewellery and craftsmanship, by entering my father’s company and the decision was clear to me.


Describe a perfect day for you?
I like that each day is different, and therefore numerous things can make a day perfect for me. I love to spend time with my family, take long walks in the nature, visit museums and see exhibitions, travel to exciting places, stand in the kitchen for hours and cook a good meal for my children and all their friends or all our family and friends…or everybody at once! I love it when our house is full of children, friends and family.

Do you have something you can’t live without?
My family, my jewellery and my sketching books.

What do you dream about?
To continue working side-by-side with my family and expanding our family business internationally with the aim to make women feel beautiful and unique.

What would your occupation be if you weren’t a jewellery designer?
I would definitely still work with something where I could work with my hands and my creativity.

Do you have a crazy habit?
Bringing my notebook anywhere I go. Thoughts, ideas and sketches must be jotted down immediately. That way I can keep them and return to them when the time is right.

Describe the design DNA of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN?
To design personalized & flexible jewellery that uses only the highest quality of metals and gemstones. We create timeless jewellery for everyday and not just for special occasions. Therefore our designs offer versatility and are passed down through generations. Most of our jewellery is produced at our workshop north of Copenhagen where we work closely with our 45 goldsmiths in handcrafting our unique designs.

An example is the LEAVES collection as it truly manifests our passion and tradition for craftsmanship. The hand-satinised surface that is achieved by an old and time-honoured technique that requires great precision and attention to detail, the organic shape, the reference to nature, and the fact that you can see that it is a collection that derives from OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN – these are all elements that encapsulate our DNA, our proud traditions and our passion for the crafts and it is a great pleasure being able to express all this with one collection or a piece of jewellery.


What is your must-have jewellery?
All my designs are equally dear to me as they all have different meanings and each of them tell a story and represent different times of my life. I think every woman should have a piece of jewellery that has an important meaning to her, something that makes her feel beautiful and unique – whether it is a ring or a beautiful pendant – something with a meaning. If it has a meaning to you, it will always stand out and become a natural part of your outfit, because you will always wear it with pride and elegance.

What is your biggest achievement in your jewellery career?
Being able to work with what I love and together with my family is definitely a daily achievement that I am very happy and grateful about.

And it is naturally always a great highlight and honour seeing our Crown Princess Mary wearing OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN jewellery. It makes me very proud and she wears it so beautifully.

In 2008, OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN was appointed Purveyor to the Danish Royal Court.


Visit Charlotte’s infatuating universe of fine jewellery here.

A ring for every Carré year

For 25 years Carré has created jewellery with precious stones in all the colors of the rainbow. Over the years, more than 900 different varieties of stone have been turned into sparkling jewellery.

To celebrate the label’s 25th anniversary Shiri Rosenzweig created 25 rings with 25 specially selected gemstones and different grindings. The name Carré comes from an old grinding name on a square-cut stone. We visited Carrés boutique in Copenhagen, to take a closer look at the colourful selection.

Carre 25 years

Carre 25 years 3

The anniversary collection is made entirely from recycled gold. Carré finds it exciting to work with used gold and highlights that it also saves the environment for the strain of extracting gold from the nature.

Carre 25 years 4

The collection is limited and can be purchased in Carré’s boutiques and on

Sif Jakobs Jewellery receives prestigious British nomination


Sif Jakobs Jewellery has been shortlisted as ‘Brand to Watch’ for UK Jewellery Awards.
This is a nomination only given to
five brands internationally, who in particular has distinguished themselves among all jewellery brands operating in the UK market.

The title ‘Brand to Watch’ is a great recognition because it reflects the fact that retailers, press and end users have become aware of the fast growing Danish jewellery brand, Sif Jakobs jewellery. 

We are extremely proud of the nomination. It’s a huge recognition from the industry and it shows that our efforts in the UK market have been worth while. “says CEO Søren Dahl.

UK Jewellery Awards is a recognized award show and a forum where the leading names in the jewelery industry in England gather to nominate and celebrate emerging talent and established jewellery brands.

The winner, and who gets the final title as ‘Brand to watch’, revealed at a major Award show at the London Hilton Park Lane d. June 29, 2016.

Word up!!!

Letters and statement words are some of the coolest ways to express personality in jewellery. The new letter trend in jewellery gives you ample opportunity to express yourself in a sophisticated and fashionable way.
I have a few favorites – one of them is swedish Sophie by Sophie who has designed these super cool necklaces saying Dream, Wow, and lucky – the one written in Yellow gold 18 k with white diamonds is a keeper.

Another of my favorites is  UK-based Monica Vinader, who never ceases to amaze me. I just love the fact that all her dainty jewellery can be worn day in and out and it mixes so well with everything. In the Alphabeth collection you will find a letter that tells your secret or a word that matches your mood.

A variety of brands offer jewellery with lovable words such as kiss, power, strength and love. Even prestigious jewellery brands such as Tiffany & Co as well as the large luxury Fashion brands like Louis Vuitton  have made a wide variety of letters and words so you can spell it out loud.
LV&ME necklace




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