A family trip to Africa led to Unspoiled jewels

by Eva Lund

20 June 2017

The two brothers Patrick and Philip had never imagined that a family trip to Africa would result in a new Danish jewellery brand coming to life. Nevertheless, that is what happened when the two brothers Patrick and Philip visited Cape Town to see the place their mother had lived before apartheid took her to Denmark. As a memory, they all bought a necklace with a pendant depicting the African continent. Upon their return to Denmark, they were surprised by the great attention their personal souvenir received. The two brothers then teamed up with Nick Philip, a childhood friend who had experience within the fashion industry.


The initial vision was to create just one really beautiful piece of jewellery. Neither Philip, Patrick nor Nick Philip is Goldsmiths so they got help from a friend who had just graduated from The Royal College of Art in London to help craft the first Unspoiled Jewels piece.

One design led to the other and 6 years after the brothers had experienced their roots in Africa Unspoiled Jewels was born.

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Unspoiled Jewels’ necklaces are inspired by the world around us. A vital part of the brand’s DNA is the personal story people can convey to every piece of jewellery. Just as the African souvenir represented family blood ties to Patrick and Philip.

The threesome underlines the importance of creating unique pieces build on the values of integrity, cosmopolitanism and the significance of appreciating memories and impressions, which embody and represent our self-identity and which tells a personal story.

Despite the young history of the brand Unspoiled Jewels has already earned fast recognition and adorned Scandinavian celebrities like Mads Langer, Kesi, Nabiha, Kim Cesarion and Julie Bergan. However, the guys behind the cool necklaces wish to adorn and inspire “normal” people as well. As a result, their current campaign features ordinary people with true stories, many of which Patrick met on his stay in LA last year.


The Unspoiled Jewels team already got a foot inside the USA, which often is a difficult market for upcoming jewellery brands to enter. But Patrick explains that the reason the brand has earned so much hype already is due to the guys’ network, contacts and laid back attitude. It’s all about creating jewels that matter – and having fun along the way.

The label’s first collection of signature “world” necklaces can be customised with diamonds. Place a diamond on a spot close to your heart and engrave the coordinates of the exact place where your special memory unfolded.

Three friends, dreams, diamonds and meaningful stories that is what Unspoiled Jewels is all about. If you are just as big a fan of their concept as we are, you should definitely check out the guys’ authentic jewels right here.


Patrick, Philip & Nick Philip at Unspoiled Jewels’ office in Bredgade, Copenhagen. 

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