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10 October 2017 by Eva Lund

In two days Shamballa Jewels will embark on a new adventure when the Danish Fine Jewellery Label opens its first flagship store outside Copenhagen. The new store will be situated in one of New York City’s prime neighbourhoods, Soho. With a total space of 1940 sq. ft. on Mercer Street, the brand will be housing the full repertoire of iconic Shamballa Jewels designs.

With the Manhattan store it is Shamballa Jewels’ ambition to create a space "in motion." The new store will open its doors to collaborations with upcoming designers or artists, and host intimate and exclusive events. The opening a Shamballa Jewels store in New York is the first step in the Founders Mikkel and Mads Kornerup's dream to expand the Shamballa brand globally, as the two owners plan to add two additional Flagship Stores to their repertoire in Europe within the next three years. We met with the two owners and founders of Shamballa Jewels to hear more about how it all started and learn more about their private spiritual worlds.   [caption id="attachment_7969" align="aligncenter" width="600"]HRH Crown Princess of Denmark Mary participated in the pre-launch event. HRH Crown Princess of Denmark Mary participated in the pre-launch event.[/caption] WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO BECOME JEWELLERY DESIGNERS? Mads: "It wasn’t really a choice to become jewellery designers. We have always had a great interest in diamonds, rare gems and precious stones, and a desire to show men that they shouldn’t be afraid to wear these in the same way that many of their ancestors did - kings, maharajas and tribe warriors have adorned themselves with jewellery for centuries to symbolize memories, values and beliefs." DESCRIBE THE DESIGN DNA OF SHAMBALLA JEWELS? Mikkel: "The founding DNA of Shamballa Jewels was a mix of Scandinavian aesthetics combined with the inspiration of yoga, Buddhist traditions of meditation and ancient Eastern jewellery making. Today, this fusion of Eastern philosophy with Nordic design traditions continues to be the foundation of our brand and everything we do." WHAT DO YOU DREAM ABOUT? Mads: "For Shamballa Jewels, I dream of having a dozen stores around the world, so that our loyal collectors from every corner of the world can be truly Shamballized." Mikkel: "I agree – to make Shamballa Jewels one of absolute biggest high-end jewellery brands would be a dream come true. And then I hope that I will live a long and healthy life where I continue to have time to be there for my wife and kids." Shamballa_Jewels_TheJewelleryRoom_1 DESCRIBE A PERFECT DAY FOR YOU? Mikkel: "The weekend has come, and I wake up and have a morning run with my wife – either in the forest or by the sea. Then we have a big breakfast with our family and relax for a couple of hours before we go and see our kids play a football match. In the evening, we have dinner with our friends." Mads: "I start my day with two hours of yoga at my favourite yoga studio. Then I have breakfast with my wife before I move on to my business meetings, e-mails and finding inspiration for our designs. If I have the time, I work out – boxing or mountain biking – and then I go home to my family and enjoy dinner with them." DO YOU HAVE A CRAZY HABIT? Mikkel: "I like buying electronics, and to make everything smarter and easier - even though my wife often thinks it gets more complicated." WHAT IS YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE Mads: "Too much coffee in the morning." Mikkel: "Too much candy."


WHAT IS YOUR MUST-HAVE JEWELLERY? Mads: "All of my jewellery – especially my bracelets." Mikkel: "My Shamballa Bracelet with my wife and kids’ initials together with my wedding ring and Shamballa Jewels Korne Bracelet." DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT? Mads & Mikkel: "Our families." WHAT WOULD YOUR OCCUPATION BE IF YOU WEREN’T A JEWELLERY DESIGNER?Mads: "I would either use all of my creativity and ideas as an architect or explore my love to meditation further as a meditation teacher." Mikkel: "I would probably be developing electronics or computer systems, exploring with my crazy habit even further every day."


WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST MOMENT IN YOUR JEWELLERY CAREER? Mads: "When Karl Lagerfeld waved after his Chanel Haute Couture Show and his Shamballa Bracelet with Colombian Emeralds showed on his wrist – it was a proud moment where I thought to myself: “we put colours on Karl”. Mikkel: "Absolutely – when Karl Lagerfeld began to wear Shamballa Jewels that was a huge moment for us. And when we came into Harrods plus when we sold the first bracelet close to a million Dollar." WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WON A MILLION DOLLARS? Mads: "Buy a million dollar, Blue Diamond." Mikkel: "I would give my family an extraordinary travel experience and then I would give some to our local football club where my kids play and which is run by volunteers." If you are in New York on Oct. 12th. stop by Shamballa Jewels grand launch event on 170 Mercer Street in SoHo and experience the Shamballa spirit.

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